The Fender Squier Strat (a.k.a. HM or Heavy Metal Strat) was popularized in the late 80s, early 90s and typically featured a Dimarzio humbucker pickup in the bridge position – a deviation from the typical thin single pickup. This Strat type was made in the USA and Japan and was designed to appear to the “glam rock” or “hair band” generation of guitarists. It also featured a Kahler tremolo with a locking nut. The tremolo did have some issues, namely with fine tuning. It is all but impossible to find an original fine tuning Kahler whammy bar (believe me I’ve tried) but mercifully there are a few standard Kahler Spyder tremolos out there.

The other popular locking nut tremolo/whammy bar on the Squier Strat was the Floyd Rose. A major problem for folks with one style of whammy bar installed is that switching to the other style is impossible without risking severe damage to the instrument.

The humbucking pickup on the Squier strat produces a nice rough sound and is well suited to chainsaw and revving effects when used in combination with heavy distortion and or overdrive effects. The single coil pickups offer the familiar bright clean sound stratocasters are known for. Adding chorus and distortion effects are a must for this guitar. is NOT associated or affiliated with Fender Guitars or Fender USA, nor is it responsible for the quality or delivery of the auctioneers products.